PacRim Breast and Prostate Cancer Group
6th PacRim Breast & Prostate Cancer Meeting
July 20-24, 2015
Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington


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Monday, July 20
12:00 – 2:00 Arrival and Registration Conference Lobby
2:00 Welcome: Dr. Stephen Plymate & Dr. Peggy Porter Cascade Locks Ballroom
New Insights on Genetic Susceptibility to Breast and Prostate Cancers

Chairs: Dr. Carol Lange & Dr. Donald Tindall
Discussants: Dr. Colleen Nelson & Dr. Andrei Goga
Cascade Locks Ballroom
2:15 Mathieu Lupien, PhD
Identifying the target genes of breast cancer genetic predispositions
2:25 Massimo Loda, MD
Role of stroma in prostate development, maintenance and metastasis
2:35 Stephen Plymate, MD
Allosteric Alterations in the Androgen Receptor Determine Activity in Prostate Cancer
2:45 Jyotsna Batra, PhD
A large scale association analysis of miRSNPs with prostate cancer
2:55 Melissa Davis, BSc, PhD
Gene regulatory network analysis
3:05 – 4:00 Open Discussion  
4:00 Break  
4:30 – 5:30 Ron Ross Oration & Award
Presented by: Professor Juergen Reichardt & Professor Wayne Tilley
Recipient: Leslie Bernstein, PhD
City of Hope National Medical Center
Cascade Locks Ballroom
5:30 – 7:00 Free Time  
7:00 – on Opening Reception / Dinner Cascade Lawn
8:00 –10:00 Prostate SPORE Meeting (PNW Prostate SPORE EAB/IAB only) Baker Room
Tuesday, July 21
6:30 Breakfast Conference Lobby
Advances in Imaging Local and Distant Disease

Chairs: Dr. Massimo Loda & Dr. Kenneth Pienta
Discussants: Dr. Martin Gleave & Dr. Judith Clements
Cascade Locks Ballroom
8:30 Evan Yu, MD
PET imaging in prostate cancer: Research tool or standard clinical practice?
8:40 Daniel Lin, MD
Imaging in Localized Prostate Cancer
8:50 Constance Lehman, MD, PhD
Breast MRI in Local Disease
9:00 Howard Scher, MD
PSMA Imaging in Prostate Cancer For Specific Contexts of Use
9:10 – 10:00 Open Discussion  
10:00 Break  
Sponsored by:
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

ER, AR and other Nuclear Hormone Receptors in the Biology and Treatment of Breast and Prostate Cancer

Chairs: Dr. Amina Zoubeidi & Dr. Luc Furic
Discussants: Dr. Xuesen Dong & Dr. Edward Gelmann
Cascade Locks Ballroom
10:30 Yan Dong, PhD
Dimerization is Required for Androgen Receptor Splice Variants to Regulate Gene Expression
and Promote Castration-Resistant Cell Growth
10:40 Theresa Hickey, PhD
Crossing Paths: sex steroid receptor interaction in breast cancer
10:50 Nancy Weigel, PhD
Androgen Receptor Isoforms Differentially Regulate Cell Metabolism in Prostate Cancer Cells
11:00 Geoffrey Greene, PhD
Progesterone Receptor is a Non-Competitive Agonist of Estrogen Receptor and is Essential for
Breast Cancer Prognosis
11:10 Margaret Yu, MD
AR directed therapies in Prostate cancer Today and Tomorrow
11:20 Suzanne Fuqua, PhD
ESR1 Mutations Escape Hormone Therapy through Activation of IGF1R in Breast Cancer
11:30 Karen Knudsen, PhD
Targeting hormone-DNA repair crosstalk in prostate cancer: mechanisms and implications for
therapeutic intervention
11:40 Wayne Tilley, PhD
Progesterone receptor directs a distinct estrogen receptor-α chromatin binding profile in
breast cancer to elicit good clinical outcome
11:50 – 1:00 Open Discussion  
1:00 Lunch Cascade Dining Room
Sponsored by
Fred Hutch/University of Washington: Cancer Consortium

Novel Strategies for Developing and Deploying ‘Precision Oncology’ Therapeutics

Chairs: Dr. Paul Rennie & Dr. Alexander Wyatt
Discussants: Dr. Donald Tindall & Dr. Brett Hollier
Cascade Locks Ballroom
2:00 Natasha Kyprianou, PhD
Novel Action of Cabazitaxel in Prostate Cancer
2:10 Jun Luo, PhD
Non-invasive detection of the aberrant AR in prostate cancer
2:20 Himisha Beltran, MD
Lessons from Exceptional Responders
2:30 Christopher Sweeney, MBBS
Precision medicine in a heterogenous world
2:40 Bruce Montgomery, MD
Biallelic inactivation of BRCA2 in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer is associated
with platinum sensitivity
2:50 Greg Monteith, BPharm, PhD
Regulation of hypoxia-associated epithelial to mesenchymal transition by plasmalemmal ion
channels in breast cancer cells
3:00 Roxana Schillaci, PhD
Targeting Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha as a Novel approach to Overcome Breast Cancer
3:10 – 4:00 Open Discussion  
4:00 Free Time  
5:30 Poster Session with Refreshments (room will remain open all week) Stevenson C/D
7:00 on Dinner Ampitheatre
Wednesday, July 22
6:30 Breakfast Conference Lobby
Risk Assessment: Tumor, Host, Environment

Chairs: Dr. Andrei Goga & Dr. Lenora Loo
Discussants: Dr. Christopher Ong & Dr. Janet Stanford
Cascade Locks Ballroom
8:30 Christopher Li, MD, PhD
Challenges and Opportunities in Risk Assessment across the Breast Cancer Spectrum”
8:40 Gail Prins, PhD
Distinct Actions of ERα and ERβ in Human Prostate Stem Cell Self-Renewal
8:50 Jonathan Wright, MD
The Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle Study: An intervention in overweight men on active
9:00 Alexander Swarbrick, PhD
Paracrine Hedgehog signaling as a therapeutic target in triple negative breast cancer
9:10 Peggy Porter, MD
Ancestry and Risk of Breast Cancer in Hispanic/Latina Women
9:20 Hironobu Sasano, MD, PhD
Angiogenesis and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer : how we could assess?
9:30 – 10:30 Open Discussion  
10:30 Break Conference Lobby
Sponsored by Bayer
Personalizing Prevention Strategies

Chairs: Dr. Pete Nelson & Dr. Peggy Porter
Discussants: Dr. Daniel Lin & Dr. Christopher Li
Cascade Locks Ballroom
11:00 Lorelei Mucci, ScD, MPH
Is TMPRSS2:ERG a unique etiologic subtype of prostate cancer?
11:10 Edward Gelmann, MD
Molecular Inevitability of Prostate Cancer Initiation
11:20 Elahe Mostaghel , MD, PhD
SLCO Genes as Host and Tumor Determinants of Abiraterone Exposure and Treatment Efficacy
11:30 Colleen Nelson, PhD
Is it possible to prevent prostate cancer?
11:40 Janet Stanford, PhD
Etiologic heterogeneity in prostate cancer: risk factor profiles by TMPRSS2:ERG fusion status
11:50 Erik Thompson, PhD
High mammographic density is associated with an increase in stromal collagen and immune cells
within the mammary epithelium
12:00 Open Discussion  
1:00 Grab and Go Boxed Lunch Conference
  Free afternoon and evening, Dinner (own arrangements)  
Thursday, July 23
6:30 Breakfast Conference Lobby
Sponsored by NanoString Technologies
Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics: TCGA and Beyond…

Chairs: Dr. David Quinn & Dr. Juergen Reichardt
Discussants: Dr. Mitchell Lawrence & Dr. Paul Rennie
Cascade Locks Ballroom
8:00 Elaine Ostrander, PhD
Whole Exome Sequencing in Prostate Cancer Families Identifies Eight Previously Unknown
Susceptibility Genes“
8:10 Michael Press, MD, PhD
HER2 co-amplified genes: Potential role in treatment responsivenes
8:20 Carol Lange, PhD
Where Genetics meets Epigenetics: Context-Dependent SR Actions in Breast/Ovarian
8:30 Luke Selth, PhD
Androgen receptor “interactomics” identifies GRHL2 as a novel co-regulator
8:40 Paul Spellman PhD
Studying Early Tumor Evolution
8:50 Joshi Alumkal , MD
Integrative Genomic Analysis to Identify Emergent Enzalutamide Resistance Mechanisms
in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
9:00 – 10:00 Open Discussion  
10:00 Break Conference
Tumor Microenvironments: Influence on Tumor Development, Tumor Progression, and
Therapy Resistance

Chairs: Dr. Ralph Buttyan & Dr. Natasha Kyprianou
Discussants: Dr. Christina Curtis & Dr. Michael Press
Cascade Locks Ballroom
10:30 Shoukat Dedhar, PhD
Breast cancer metastasis and hypoxia
10:40 Jeff Holst, PhD
Regulation of amino acid uptake coordinates adaptive cancer cell metabolism
10:50 Peter Nelson, MD
Tumor Microenvironment-Mediated Resistance to Cancer Therapeutics:
Targeting Master Regulators
11:00 Marina Simian PhD
The extracellular matrix determines ER-alpha’s longevity by an endosomal recycling pathway:
implications for endocrine resistance in breast cancer
11:10 Mitchell Lawrence, PhD
Surveying the epigenome landscape of the prostate cancer microenvironment
11:20 Andrei, Goga, MD, PhD
Novel Therapy of MYC Elevated Triple-Negative Breast Cancers by Targeting
Fatty Acid Oxidation
11:30 – 12:20 Open Discussion  
12:20 Lunch Yurt Area
Developing and Utilizing Clinically-Relevant Models of Breast and Prostate Cancer

Chairs: Dr. Judith Clements & Dr. Elizabeth Williams
Discussants: Dr. Amina Zoubeidi & Dr. Cyrus Ghajar
Cascade Locks Ballroom
1:20 Kenneth Pienta, MD
Modeling dormancy in prostate cancer
1:30 Ralph Buttyan, PhD
Development and Utilization of a Novel Paradigm for Generating a Neural Class of
Prostate Cancer Stem Cells That Yields a Gene Signature of Adverse Outcomes in
Patients with the Disease
1:40 Hong Wu, MD, PhD
How Genetically Engineered Mouse Models Provide Insights into Human Prostate Cancer
and Therapeutics
1:50 – 2:30 Open Discussion  
In Memory of Rob Sutherland
Metastasis: Understanding Mechanisms To Enhance Effective Targeting

Chairs: Dr. Erik Thompson & Dr. Brett Hollier
Discussants: Dr. Stephen Plymate & Dr. Wayne Tilley
Cascade Locks Ballroom
2:30 Steve Balk, MD, PhD
SOX9 regulates WNT/Beta-catenin signalling in prostate cancer
2:40 Paul Rennie PhD, FCAHS
Development of small molecule inhibitors of ERG to treat metastatic prostate cancer
2:50 Patricia Elizalde, PhD
Nuclear ErbB-2 Induces Breast Cancer Metastasis
3:00 Cyrus Ghajar, PhD
Targeting the ‘dormant niche’ to prevent metastasis
3:10 – 4:00 Open Discussion  
4:00 – 4:30 Conclusions – Stephen Plymate & Peggy Porter Cascade Locks Ballroom
5:00 Happy Hour Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
5:45 The Great Debate: Testing Precision Medicine: N of 1 vs. N of Many Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
7:00 on Farewell Dinner Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
Friday, July 24
6:30 – 11 Breakfast & 11:00AM Check Out Cascade Dining Room